The Complete Healthcare Solution For Travelers

Healthy Nomads is the only healthcare program created specifically for frequent travelers to provide better access to care with more usable benefits and significant cost savings for the way you live.

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A membership with Healthy Nomads is open to everybody regardless of race, gender, religion, or health.

Anywhere Healthcare for the way you live.

There are no networks. There are no referrals. Healthy Nomads members enjoy access to personal Virtual and Direct Primary Care and Essential Savings for smaller everyday healthcare needs, as well as Medical Cost Sharing with Zion HealthShare‘s community of 40,000+ members for unexpected larger medical expenses. 

Your protection from unforseen medical bills

When you have an unexpected medical bill our community is there to help. Our non-profit partner has an established sharing community of over 40,000 members. 

Not just a doctor - your doctor.

Direcet Primary Care is included in your membership for ongoing personal care from your own chosen Primary Care Physician who knows you best.

Save on smaller, fequent medical expenses

All members will enjoy significant savings on everyday healthcare needs such as dental, vision, hearing, counseling, labs and tests, prescriptions, and more.

Healthy Living.

We're here to help.

Healthy Nomads have unlimited access to professional experienced counselors to help with things like loss, grief, stress, anxiety, and depression. Speak to someone who can help with our included Counseling Services.

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Our members benefit from Medical Cost Sharing for larger medical bills.

We know that unexpected illnesses and injuries happen. Our members have peace of mind knowing that if a major medical event occurs in your life no matter where you are and your medical bills exceed your Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA) of either $1,000, $2,500, or  $5,000 then our community will be there to help.
Medical Costs Total$ 5,000(your share)$ 2,500(your share)$ 1,000(your share)

Learn about benefits designed just for you.


We'll be your guides.

We’re making healthcare simple again by focusing on keeping costs low while still providing peace of mind to our members.

Peace of Mind.

Traveling? Of course you are!

Our community will share in eligible medical expenses no matter where your adventures take you.

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Enjoy Essential Savings and transparent pricing on everyday healthcare needs.

We know that there are ways to save on smaller more frequently needed medical expenses. We have partnered with NewBenefits which has been leading the way in medical expense savings for 32 years with millions of members and cutting-edge technology. Every Healthy Nomads member will enjoy access to discounts on dental, prescriptions, alternative medicine, telemedicine, hearing, vision, counseling services, and more.

Medical Cost Sharing

Protection from large unforeseen medical expenses is the foundation of every Healthy Nomads membership.

Preventive coverage

Work with your personal Primary Care Physician with our Virtual Primary Care feature to manage routine and preventive healthcare.

Bill negotiation services

The Medical Advocacy Group at Zion HealthShare will help negotiate and even pre-arrange for payments of eligible medical bills.

Discounted lab services

Every membership has the NewBenefits discounted lab services built into it, including MRIs, labs, and more.

24/7 Telemedicine

All Healthy Nomads memberships include HealthTap Virtual Primary Care so that you can access your personal doctor or an urgent care team anytime-anywhere.

Counseling Services

As part of our Healthy Living family you will have access to trained and experienced counselors who can help with things like stress and anxiety.